A playful retelling of the familiar fairy tale that dares you to step off the path and write your own story. 

What would you do if you could?

Mr Poo is sad.  Everyone says he is just waste, but he knows he has a purpose in life.  But what could that purpose be? A silly, interactive, musical journey through the human body.

Munch is a five day summer theatre course for 7 to 12 year olds, run by Roustabout Theatre in partnership with Theatre Orchard/Culture Weston.

The Great Big Story Mix Up is an improvised play for children and adults that puts the audience in the centre of the action.

One man’s dream to reach the stars leaves the world in ruins! Can the sleeping dinosaurs wake and save planet Earth? 

Set in the extraordinary world of Shakespeare’s The Tempest, Roustabout present a playful and daring exploration of the place we choose to call home.

As Professor Baggybottom struggles through his lecture on the history and traditions of pantomime, Simple Simon, tries his hardest to help him out, but even the best laid plans can come unstuck.

(It’s not all) Zoom and Gloom is a heart-warming, daft, and very funny play, celebrating the wonderful creativity that so many showed during lockdown, and the nonsense that comes with any attempt to communicate online…

The show that brought Roustabout together! First created in 2008 by Oxford Playhouse, with a creative team including Toby and Robin, One Small Step toured to over twenty countries on five continents.

One actor, one suitcase, one story. 45-minute performances created specifically for class and year group bubbles, bringing the magic of theatre into primary and secondary classrooms

Featuring astronauts, lovelorn science teachers, werewolves, and a special guest appearance by the Moon itself, Luna is a rich feast of storytelling, music, history and science.