Our creative collaborators

Over the last four years, we have worked with a number of brilliant collaborators. They include: 

Stage Managers:

Hannah Chilo Claire  

Mim Evison 

Guy Benedict Jones 

Madeleine Coward

Madeleine Herbert 


Set Builders:

Jonathan Attwood 


Anna Dixon – Costume 

Bronia Housman – Set and Costume 

Maria Terry – Set and Costume 



Bryony Attwood – Costume Maker 

Ella Barraclough – Scenic Artist

Frankie Dowers – Prop Maker 

Tashi Gregorski – Puppet Maker 

Tish Mantripp – Prop Maker 

Hebe Perry – Prop Maker 

Eliza Podesta – Prop Maker 



Nathalie Codsi  

Gergo Danka  

Oliver de Rohan 

Jean Goubert 

Kesty Morrison

Eleanor Pead

Alex Stedman  

Production Managers: 

Ed Borgnis 

Composers and Sound Designers: 

Jez Butler – Sound Designer 

Tarek Merchant – Composer 

William Want – Composer 

Oliver Wareham – Sound Designer 


Video and Lighting Designers:

Jeremy Costello – Lighting

Will Monks – Lighting and Video 

Joe Price – Lighting 

Jenny Roxburgh – Lighting 



Rebecca Granger  

Oliver de Rohan

Marketing, Press and Publicity Officers: 

Alison Duguid-Scrivens – Press and Publicity 

Katie Gabriel Allen – Graphic Designer 

Tom Hudson Crawford – Social Media and Website 

Jo Richardson – Press and Publicity  

"What a total joy!"