This Island’s Mine

Who decides where we live? Where do we belong? And what happens if we can’t agree?

Ariel, a playful spirit of the air, Caliban, a hideous creature of the earth, and Stephano, a drunken Italian butler, all believe that they can say, ‘this island’s mine’. But do any of them really have that right?

Set in the extraordinary world of Shakespeare’s The Tempest, This Island’s Mine is filled with magic, music, and mayhem, and performed in the uniquely accessible Roustabout style. A thrilling new play, that challenges its young audience to explore ideas of colonialism, identity, and place.

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This is really speaking to our students… we can do something wonderful… this is cutting edge curriculum development.
Jo Jefferson

This Island’s Mine for schools

We are working with staff and students at six primary and secondary schools to develop a free package of teaching resources.  These will put the key themes of the play in a social and historical context prior to a performance, and provide workshop ideas to help develop the discussion in the classroom.