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What do we do?

We seek out extraordinary tales, both true and imagined, and tell them with clarity, simplicity, humour and a wild imagination.

The theatre we make is for audiences of all ages, for anyone who loves play, and for anyone who delights in the communal act of sharing a story. Find out more about us »

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Recent tweets

Here’s some of the lovely feedback we received for our lockdown programme, which included a live online show, home delivery scripts, drama games & rehearsal videos, & a series of interviews with theatre professionals.

Supported by Emergency Funding from @ace_national 🙏


Loving the specially designed trees by one of our tester audience members. This was while we were trying out the cool tech we'll be using for our online shows... #TheGreatBigStoryMixUp

Teachers! Looking for some drama games now you're #BackToSchool? Check out our #RehearsalMadness videos for inspiration, available for free on YouTube.

Why not try, "What's in the box?"

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