Practical, exploratory work with our audiences, in particular young people, is at the heart of what we do. All of our productions have been developed with the active participation of students in partner schools, and we are proud to offer this expertise more widely through our workshops. 


Playing the Story

A programme of three inter-linked workshops for schools, teaching and developing skills in telling and creating stories.

  • Storytelling – how to bring stories and characters to life for an audience, vocally and physically, using both written and remembered texts
  • Improvisation – how to use play and the imagination to create brand-new stories when working with others
  • Object Theatre – how to animate everyday household objects, bringing people and places to life

Suitable for KS2 to KS5.

How Plays Work

We are currently using our incredibly popular and successful Home Delivery scripts to develop a curriculum resource for schools, teaching the reading, writing and performing of plays and playscripts over six practical lessons. Starting with learning how to lay out a script, the lessons look developmentally at key conventions, including asides, playing multiple roles, mime, and framing devices.

Suitable for Y3 to Y7.

Bespoke Workshops

Roustabout work with a wide range of people to craft bespoke opportunities for learners of all ages and experiences, from one off workshops to longer residencies. We have experience of working with students from Early Years to postgraduates, vulnerable adults, refugees and looked after children. Recent workshops have included:
  • devising
  • playwriting
  • clown
  • introduction to speaking Shakespeare
  • and work on key texts, such as An Inspector Calls, Romeo and Juliet and King Lear.

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