Home Delivery

Fancy a little kitchen sink drama?
A dining room farce?
Or a sofa saga?

Well, you’re in luck! Home Delivery is a series of short, accessible play scripts developed during lockdown that you can download, rehearse and perform in your homes! The scripts are designed to be child (and grown-up!) friendly, with clear stage directions to make the rehearsal process as enjoyable as possible.

Whether you see yourself as a budding performer or a brooding director, Home Delivery gives you the opportunity to play as a family!

We’d love to see what you come up with, so if you’re feeling proud of your tour de force productions, why not share them with us via social media? Tag us @WeAreRoustabout using the hashtag #TheatreHomeDelivery.

And if you’ve enjoyed performing these scripts at home why not share them with your school? Check out our Workshops, including our How To Tell A Story programme.

Recommended for 7-11 year olds

The Wise Ones and the Elephant – Find out how to attain true wisdom in this ancient Buddhist tale.

Why Cats Chase Rats –  Best friends, Cat and Rat, set off on an epic adventure across the sea!

The Box of Stories in the Sky – Learn how Anansi the Spider wins the box of stories in this ancient tale from West Africa.

The Rubbish Fisherman and the Grumpy Genie – A very grumpy genie meets its match in a humble fisherman.

Three Wishes – Two best friends are granted three wishes, but will they use them wisely?

Pa Always Does the Right Thing – Pa heads to market to sell a horse and returns with much more than he bargained for!

Recommended for 12-16 year olds

Luna and Terry – The oldest married couple there is, that is Luna (The Moon) and Terry (The Earth), attend a relationship counselling session to address their ongoing struggles. From Luna – A Play About The Moon.

Kevin and Lianne – It’s Just A Phase – Kevin is on another date, this time with the wide-eyed wanderer Lianne. Is this real love or is it just a phase From Luna – A Play About The Moon.

Kevin and Karen – The Laws of Attraction – Kevin, an over enthusiastic science teacher, meets Karen, a science fiction fan, for a date. Will his knowledge of orbital mechanics charm her? From Luna – A Play About The Moon.

Lift Off! – The rocket Apollo 11, carrying the first humans to walk on the Moon, lifts off from Cape Canaveral. From Luna – A Play About The Moon.

A Bird Cannot Fly With Only One Wing – A mysterious meeting with Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman in space. From Luna – A Play About The Moon.

I Was Truly Alone – Apollo 11 astronaut Michael Collins reflects on being the first human to travel around the dark side of the Moon on his own. From Luna – A Play About The Moon.