Home Delivery

Fancy a little kitchen sink drama? A dining room farce? Or a sofa saga?

Well, you’re in luck! Home Delivery is a series of short, accessible play scripts that you can download, rehearse and perform in your homes! The scripts are designed to be child (and grown-up!) friendly, with clear stage directions to make the rehearsal process as enjoyable as possible.

Whether you see yourself as a budding performer or a brooding director, Home Delivery gives you the opportunity to play as a family!

Red van drawing with slogan: Roustabout Theatre Home Delivery Service

We’d love to see what you come up with, so if you’re feeling proud of your tour de force productions, why not share them with us via social media? Tag us @WeAreRoustabout using the hashtag #TheatreHomeDelivery.

And if you’ve enjoyed performing these scripts at home why not share them with your school? Check out our Workshops, including our How To Tell A Story programme.

Recommended for 711yearolds

Recommended for 1216yearolds