Zoom and Gloom

Now available to stream – a brand-new comedy for all the family to watch together!

When friends gather together for an online chat with the ever-grumpy Ben, they find that nothing they can say will cheer him up.

Pinching an idea from Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, they decide to dress up as figures from his past, present and future and teach him that, although we may be physically apart, we can still stay connected.

(It’s not all) Zoom and Gloom is a heart-warming, daft, and very funny play, celebrating the wonderful creativity that so many have shown during lockdown, and the nonsense that comes with any attempt to communicate online. A comedy created for Zoom, performed live, and semi improvised (depending on the scale of technical difficulties!).

Expect blips, glitches, surprise cameos, and maybe even some other worldly interference!

For everyone aged 5+

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