Touring autumn 2019 and spring 2020 in association with Oxford Playhouse.

We are entranced by the Moon.

The Moon is a constant fellow traveller in our journey through the universe. It controls our tides, marks our time, and has inspired countless stories, myths, songs, and poems. And in July 1969 two humans finally walked on its surface.

Featuring astronauts, lovelorn science teachers, werewolves and a special guest appearance by the Moon itself, all supported by a talented cast of household objects, Luna is a rich feast of storytelling, object manipulation, music, history and science, celebrating our fascination with our oldest friend.

Runs for 55 minutes; suitable for everyone aged five and over.

See our gallery of production photos, or find out more about the creatives involved in Luna.

A must see for children of all ages – even the big, grown-up ones.
Time Out on Hulse’s One Small Step

Perfectly pitched, and so funny. A real treat for all our pupils.
Deputy Head Teacher, Elmlea Junior School

A fantastic production that inspired fascinating and challenging conversations amongst my GCSE students.
Head of Drama, Marlwood Secondary School

Wonderful… More people must see this!
Explorer Dome

A wonderful balance of art, science, literature, music and storytelling. You have given us so much to think about!
Audience feedback